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Natural Selections, print newsletters

Fall 2018, (Download PDF)

  • Biological Sciences Building brings EEB into 21st century
  • Chair's note
  • BSB and Museum of Natural History dedication
  • Photo Contest highlights 2017

Fall 2017, (Download PDF)

  • Research Museums Center
  • Alumni Profile with Senay Yitbarek and Theresa Ong
  • Chair's note
  • Thurnau Professors, Deborah Goldberg, Patricia Wittkopp and John Vandermeer
  • New faculty feature: Protecting livelihoods and food sources for Caribbean islanders, Jacob Allgeier
  • New faculty feature: Evolution of avian migration, Ben Winger
  • Photo Contest highlights 2016

Fall 2016, (Download PDF)

  • An early scientific power couple revisited: Herb and Florence Wagner
  • Alumni Profile with Callie Chappell
  • Chair's note
  • Untangling vital ocean processes that affect our planet. Faculty feature Melissa Duhaime
  • Do you love your job enough to clomp through cow patties? Faculty feature Alison Rabosky.
  • Soil science may hold underground secrets to help battle climate change. Grad profile Nicholas Medina
  • Photo contest winners

Fall 2015, (Download PDF)

  • Nature Boom Time! Coming soon to a screen near you
  • True blue. A perennial teacher and student of life
  • Chair's note
  • Infectious enthusiasm:Wildlife ecologist brings multi-faceted research program to EEB
  • Biodiversity research on Mexican organic coffee farm makes headlines
  • Getting to know you: unique scientific illustration class explores UMMZ collections
  • ‘Tree of life’ for 2.3M species released
  • EEB photo contest winners


May 2019

  • Our grads rock: Myers wins Outstanding GSI Award 2019
  • Research feature: Fatal chirps: nocturnal flight calls increase building collisions among migrating birds
  • OConnor, world renowned mite expert, retires, sort of
  • Alumni news: Theresa Ong to begin faculty position at Dartmouth
  • EEB undergrad feature: Turrill combines interests in EEB and optometry
  • What's up in EEB: Grand opening of the Biological Sciences Building on Central Campus
  • Confronting our emerging global climate crisis in northern Michigan
  • Science fun fact: Amazing algae

February 2019

  • Our grads rock: EEB announces new DEI library
  • Research feature: Howler monkey study examines mechanisms of new species formation
  • EEB website awarded University Standard of Excellence
  • In memoriam: the great Dick Alexander's legacy spread far, wide , deep
  • Alumni news: Chakrabarty named AAAS Fellow
  • Early Career Scientists Symposium: Stable isotopes in ecology, evolution and conservation
  • Photo finish: frog (once again) leaps to first place
  • Science fun fact: Wasp University

August 2018

  • Our grads rock: EEB's Outstanding Paper of the Year goes to...Paul Glaum!
  • Research feature: Frigid polar oceans, not balmy coral reefs, are species-formation hot spots for marine fishes
  • New video: E.S. George Reserve turtle research and more
  • Alumni news: Suding wins ESA MacArthur Award
  • ECSS 2018: Ecology and Evolution of Color: an exciting, emerging frontier in integrative biology
  • Green Life Sciences Symposium 2018: Plant-Environment Interactions Across Scales
  • EEB is moved into the BSB
  • Science fun fact: Birds (and dinos) of a feather

May 2018

  • Our grads rock: Zombie plants!? Not exactly -- but...
  • Research feature: the honeymoon is over: decades-long trends, not flawed vaccine, explain resurgent whooping cough
  • U-M EEB graduate program ranked sixth in nation
  • Alumni news: M. Jahi Chappell publishes book "Beginning to End Hunger"
  • EEB is on the move!
  • Green Life Sciences Symposium 2018: Plant-Environment Interactions Across Scales
  • Science fun fact: Snowy owls don't need fuzzy slippers
  • EEB buzz ... alumni scoop