This fer-de-lance makes a special appearance from the forests of Soberanía National Park, Panama to say “Congratulationssss.” Image: John David Curlis

We are delighted to present a compilation of awards EEB graduate students earned throughout the 2020 -2021 academic year. Since we weren’t able to gather at the annual EEB Spring Picnic for a second year due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, this list of student awards will be as all-inclusive as possible.

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Publication Award: Kirby Mills

EEB Photographer at Large: Teresa Pegan*

First EEB Paper Awards: Adrian Melo Carrillo, Drew Larson, Jacqueline Popma and Kayla Sale-Hale*

Inaugural JEDI Award: BioBlitz Planning Committee (includes alumni and current graduate students): Clarisse Betancourt, Tiffany Carey, Naim Edwards, Michelle Fearon, Daniel Katz, Emily Laub, Gordon Fitch, Nicholas Medina,  Jonno Morris (SEAS), Beatriz Otero Jimenez, Kristel Sánchez, Meagan Simons*

JEDI Logo Awards: Brianna Mims, Diana Carolina Vergara (incoming fall 2021, logo news forthcoming)

Block grant: Rachel Cable, Rebecca Clemons, Drew Larson, Sophia Moon, Karl Romanowicz, Meagan Simons, Rachel Wadleigh, Janae White

Dr. Nancy Williams Walls Award for Field Research: Sasha Bishop, Libby Davenport, Jennifer Flores, Samantha Iliff, Nia Johnson, Emily Laub, Jacob Longmeyer, Kirby Mills, Sam Schaffer-Morrison, Libby O’Brien, Juanita Pardo Sanchez, Bridget Shakya, Chloe Weise, Anthony Wing, Grace Zhang

Graduate Student research supply and travel awards: Alden Dirks, Samantha Iliff, Emily Laub, Thomas Morgan, Katrina Munsterman, Teresa Pegan, Xukang Shen, Rachel Wadleigh, Chloe Weise

Brower Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Studies: Rumaan Malhotra

Edwin H. Edwards Scholarship in Biology: John David Curlis

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A honey bee near Dexter stops by to see what all the BUZZ is about. Image: William Weaver

U-M Museum of Zoology Awards

Donald W. Tinkle Scholarship: Giorgia Auteri*

Carl L. and Laura C. Hubbs Fellowship: Thomas Morgan

Ichthyology Graduate Student Support: Katrina Munsterman, Patricia Torres Pineda

Charles F. Walker Award: Peter Cerda, Hayley Crowell, John David Curlis Natasha Stepanova, Taylor West

Edwin C. Hinsdale /Edward C. Walker Scholarship: Susanna Campbell, Thomas Morgan

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Rackham Graduate School Awards

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship: Daohan (Rex) Jiang*

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant: Alden Dirks, Eric Gulson, Samantha Iliff, Thomas Morgan, Katrina Munsterman, Karl Romanowicz, Sam Schaffer-Morrison, Xukang Shen, Kristen Wacker, Anthony Wing

Rackham One-Term Fellowships: Zachary Hajian-Forooshani, Drew Larson, Chatura Vaidya, Haiqing Xu

This Ann Arbor squirrel is duly impressed -- especially during a year with so many unique challenges! Image: Jacob Longmeyer

Other U-M awards

Bioinformatics Student Service Award, Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics: Jess Millar

Matthaei Botanical Gardens Research Award: Nia Johnson, Grace Zhang

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) supplementary research funding: Rachel Wadleigh

External awards

Best Graduate Poster Presentation, oSTEM 2020 National Conference: Jess Millar

Evolutionary, Ecological, or Conservation Genomics Research Award, American Genetics Association, Sasha Bishop

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships: Brianna Mims, Teresa Sauer, William Weaver*

Rosemary Grant Advanced Awards, The Society for the Study of Evolution: Giorgia Auteri, Henry Ertl

Paul A. Stewart Grant, Wilson Ornithological Society: Susanna Campbell, Eric Gulson

World Wildlife Fund-US Conservation Leadership Award: Alexa White*

If your competitive award is not included on this list and was not previously announced in EEB web news, please email Gail Kuhnlein to share your good news.

*Previously covered in EEB web news