Robyn Burnham shares the story that vines tell about the woods.

In what could be called a love story to the woods of Michigan, Mike Foster of San Pedro River Videos, returned to southeast Michigan, where he grew up, to film his new video, “Three Michigan Vines.” Mostly, he filmed in the University of Michigan’s E.S. George Reserve, 25 miles northwest of Ann Arbor.

Foster, who is from southern Arizona, spent two weeks weathering cool and rainy Michigan temperatures in June. The video includes his interview with Robyn Burnham, associate professor emerita of ecology and evolutionary biology and director of the ESGR about her deep knowledge of vines, her passion and the subject of her research. Burnham reveals the stories that vines tell us about the woods. The video is just over 15 minutes and filled with beautiful natural sounds and scenery, wildlife and inspiring and meditative narration.

“For me, the purpose was to inspire the next generation of students to look into the world of nature, to understand its value and to want to do something to preserve it,” Foster said. “Perhaps for a few it may lead to a purposeful lifetime of conservation and research.”

“Going back into the woods satisfies my longing for beauty and solitude,” Foster says during the video. It may leave you longing for an overdue walk in the woods. Foster filmed, wrote, narrated and edited the video.