The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is pleased to present the EEB First Paper Award to Susanna Campbell and Alex Taylor in recognition of their first lead-authored publications. Campbell’s paper was also the featured cover story in The Journal of Caribbean Ornithology.

Campbell, S.K., A.L. Morales-Perez, J.F. Malloy, O.C. Muellerklein, J.A. Kim, K.J. Odom and K.E. Omland. 2016. Documentation of female song in a newly recognized species, the Puerto Rican Oriole (Icterus portoricensis)​. The Journal of Caribbean Ornithology. Vol. 29:28-36.

Taylor, Alexander, and Yin-Long Qiu. ​ 2017.​  Evolutionary History of Subtilases in Land Plants and Their Involvement in Symbiotic InteractionsMolecular Plant-Microbe Interactions ja.

Campbell and Taylor were presented with a certificate signed by Professor Patricia Wittkopp, associate chair for graduate studies, and Professor Diarmaid Ó Foighil, EEB chair. They also receive $30 gift cards to a local bookstore. Campbell is advised by Professor Liliana Cortés Ortiz and Taylor’s advisor is Profesor Yin-Long Qiu.