Give me an E. Give me another E. Give me a B. What does it spell?

2016 – 2017 GREEBs representatives (from left to right) in front of Biological Sciences Building construction: Amanda Meier, Lisa Walsh, Michelle Fearon, Jacqueline Popma, Anat Belasen, Clara Shaw, Bea Otero Jimenez, Jill Myers, April Wei, Andrew Wood, Nicholas Medina. Not pictured: Leslie Decker, Gordon Fitch, Marian Schmidt, Wes Bickford, Peter Cerda, Wei-Chin Ho, Susanna Campbell, Paula Matzke. Image credit: Dale Austin.

A standing ovation to the Graduate Researchers in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (GREEBs) for volunteering their time in service to the department. GREEBs is the student organization in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology that supports students, communicates about issues, and organizes and plans activities.

“At a time when our department is really trying to reinvent itself, the GREEBs serve as the critical link between the students and the faculty,” said Anat Belasen, EEB graduate student and GREEBs president. “We represent student interests on every departmental committee. We are also always trying to find new and creative ways to serve the EEB graduate students. This year some of our planned projects are a revival of EEB T-shirts and mugs, workshops for women in EEB, and panels of scientists pursuing non-academic careers.

The 2016-2017 committees are represented by the following students:

Admissions Committee  – Michelle Fearon and Andrew Wood

Big sibs/little sibs – Jacqueline Popma

Diversity Committee  – Amanda Meier and Beatriz Otero Jimenez

Early Career Scientists Committee – Jillian Myers

Executive Committee – Leslie Decker

Graduate Affairs Committee – Clara Shaw

Peer mediators – Gordon Fitch and Marian Schmidt

Retreat Committee – Wes Bickford and Peter Cerda

Seminar Committee – Xinzhu (April) Wei and Wei-Chin Ho

Social Committee – Susanna Campbell

STEM-social justice journalist – Paula Matzke

Tuesday Lunch Committee – Nicholas Medina

Undergraduate Affairs Committee – Lisa Walsh

GREEBs president – Anat Belasen

A hearty thank you from EEB for all of your time and efforts!

Below, watch as the GREEBs students take on the mastodons at the U-M Museum of Natural History in the trending mannequin challenge! We think the mastodons have had more practice.