Young American toad (Anaxyrus amaricanus). Image credit: April Wei.

Our 32nd annual retreat over the weekend (Sept. 9 - 11, 2016) at the U-M Biological Station was a blast and a great way to kick off the new academic year in EEB. We had 98 registrants (and 20 kids) and I would like to especially thank Cindy Carl and our retreat committee (Wes Bickford, Robyn Burnham, Peter Cerda Tony Reznicek) for all their hard work – it really paid off.  

My thanks also to workshop leader Trisha Wittkopp, yoga instructor Robyn Burnham, speed talkers Annette Ostling, Jordan Bemmels, Rachel Cable, Marian Schmidt and Melissa Duhaime, official bartender Ryutaro Goto and van drivers Peter Cerda, Chau Ho, Drew Larson and Kristel Sanchez.

Special mention goes to our field trip leaders Tony Reznicek, Ben Winger, Deborah Goldberg, our crack mycology team of Tommy Jenkinson, Rob Powers and Kevin Amses, and my many helpers on the aquatics field trips (Andrea Thomaz, Kristel Sanchez, Camden Gowler, Peter Cerda and Tristan McKnight).

See Google web album of retreat photos>>
with thanks to our photographers and species identifiers!

Boat excursion for the aquatics field trip. Credit: April Wei.