Check out the feature photo of EEB's Ivan Monagan on the University of Michigan Gateway this week. The photo links to Planet Blue’s 2015 Sustainability Progress Report, which features several stories about EEB.

Under research innovation, there’s “Bitter pill: monarchs and milkweed in a changing world” on the impact of increasing carbon dioxide and how the iconic monarchs will fare (from the lab of Professor Mark Hunter) and “Coffee killer,” featuring the research of Professors John Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto (SNRE) on a plant-choking coffee fungus known as “la roya,” which has caused over $1 billion in crop losses and left hundreds of thousands of people jobless. The researchers are trying to better understand how the fungus spreads and what natural predators attack la roya.

Under student engagement, there’s a video about invasive cattail harvesting to restore marsh biodiversity at the Biological Station in northern Michigan

Under the about tab, you’ll see EEB graduate student Ivan Monagan’s smiling face during a summer course at the Biological Station.