EEB features extensively in LSA Magazine's Spring 2015 issue.

Don’t miss the following:

A Prized Invitation by Liz Wason on Chelsea Wood’s attendance at the Nobel Prize ceremony. Wood is an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and a fellow in the Michigan Society of Fellows.

Pillow Talk by Brian Short on Pavel Klimov's dust mite research. Klimov is an EEB assistant research scientist. Professor Barry O’Connor and U-M visiting scholar Rubaba Hamid were coauthors of the research paper published Dec. 10, 2014 in PLOS ONE.

In Plain Sight by Liz Wason, which includes Tony Reznicek's discovery of a new species of local sedge, Carex viridistellata. Reznicek is a research scientist and curator of vascular plants at the U-M Herbarium.

Food Network by Matt Nelson concerns the new Sustainable Food Systems minor in the Program in the Environment, spearheaded by the Sustainable Food System Initiative, contains extensive quotes from EEB Professor John Vandermeer.

Chelsea Wood, far right, at the award ceremony for her recent Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists for her research on the ecology of infectious diseases.