The Journal of Ecology publishes Eminent Ecologist Virtual Issue in Honour of Goldberg

The editors of the Journal of Ecology recently selected Professor Deborah Goldberg to honor in their continuing Eminent Ecologist series. Goldberg is the Elzada U. Clover Collegiate Professor and past chair of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan.

“Deborah is a hugely influential community ecologist having published a large body of highly cited work investigating the processes underlying patterns in plant community dynamics,” states a letter on the journal’s website by David Gibson, executive editor, Journal of Ecology. “In recognition of her work we have selected 10 of her most influential papers published in the Journal of Ecology. To provide some context, Deborah has written a fascinating post for the Journal of Ecology blog. In addition, I was fortunate enough to interview Deborah in August 2014 during which we reflected over the insights and controversies arising from her work, as well as some of the non-ecological work that she has been involved with.”

Read the Journal of Ecology Eminent Ecologist Virtual Issue in Honour of Deborah Goldberg

Journal of Ecology blog post

David Gibson interviews Deborah Goldberg - listen to the podcast