Twenty foresters and forest ecologists from Mexico, Central and South America participated in an international forestry workshop for 10 days at the University of Michigan Biological Station. The scientists were at UMBS through last week as part of a knowledge exchange organized by Luke Nave, UMBS research scientist. 

"They are having an intensive field experience focused on methods for characterizing and measuring forest biomass, soil carbon, and nutrients," said Professor Knute Nadelhoffer, director of UMBS.

Last year was the inaugural convening of the Below Ground Carbon Accounting Tour. Participants and the event sponsor, the U.S. Forest Service, were pleased with the exchange. Nave organized it both years, adding two more days to the agenda this year. Nave and assistants from the station took the guests to sites across the northern Lower Peninsula and eastern Upper Peninsula.

The workshop was funded by the U.S. Forest Service, which provided interpreters and USFS personnel to assist.

From UMBS web news

2013 UMBS web news: International carbon cycle researchers convening at University of Michigan Biological Station