EEB graduate student Pascal Title hit a triple with the following awards over the past year: Society for the Study of Evolution Rosemary Grant award ($2500), Herpetologists' League E.E. Williams Research Grant ($1000), Society of Systematic Biologists graduate research award ($1500).

The awards will help support Title’s research. “I am interested in how the landscape and habitat associations influence species' ability to disperse, and what this means for genetic differentiation,” he said. “If species are affected differently by the surrounding landscape due to their different habitat preferences and requirements, then we might be able to better understand species distributions, and what promotes speciation. These research awards will allow me to conduct fieldwork in the Australian desert, where lizard diversity is at its highest, and where different lizard species tend to associate themselves with different habitat types. From next-generation sequencing of samples collected in the field, I will be able to investigate hypotheses regarding how the population genetics of these different species are influenced by their environment, and the implications of these results towards speciation and macroevolution.” 

The Herpetologists’ League award will be presented to Title at this year's Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Tennessee at the end of July. He received the SSB award in July 2013, and the SSE award is in process. Title's advisor is Professor Daniel Rabosky