The Red Algal Families Delesseriaceae and Sarcomeniaceae,” authored by Michael J. Wynne, curator emeritus of algae and EEB professor emeritus, was published by Koeltz Scientific Books, Koenigstein, Germany.

The book is a synthesis of the genera of two red algal families, the Delesseriaceae and the Sarcomeniaceae, including information on all genera and species currently recognized in these groups. Currently, 95 genera are regarded as accepted names in the Delesseriaceae, while the Sarcomeniaceae is thought to contain only six genera. The book is compilation of information on the hundreds of species, with bibliographic information, data on type localities, as well as information on homotypic and heterotypic taxonomic synonyms.

Wynne has authored or co-authored the description of a total of 15 new genera in the Delesseriaceae from his own collections made from California, the Aleutian Islands, the West Indies, and Oman and from collections made by others from Australia, the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, and Île Amsterdam in the southern Indian Ocean.

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