“Inside Liz Wason’s brain a never-ending creature feature oozes, awes, and splats,” begins a recent article in Michigan Today. Wason is a recent graduate (M.S. 2009/Ph.D. 2012) who wrote and produced the audio podcast, "hugabug," for U-M’s WCBN radio.

“In five minutes she delivers the most comedically absurd and irreverent aspects of science she can find, from bugs cloaked in fecal matter to bats making happy hour of regurgitated blood. She combines vivid visual metaphors, underground music, and well-chosen sound effects to captivate listeners with some of the most obscure aspects of nature,” the article by Deborah Holdship, editor of Michigan Today, continues.

“Luckily the crew at WCBN allowed her to push her creativity to the limits, opening her eyes to a possible career in media as a science educator and entertainer. She is currently exploring ways to bring "hugabug" to a wider commercial audience as she produces new online episodes.”

"Entertainment seems like a good foot in the door to allow information to enter," Wason said. "I had the freedom at WCBN to be honest, jarring, controversial, and confrontational. It's nice because volunteers at the station, along with the research scientists in U of M's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, share the ideals of exploration and discovery."

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