John Megahan, scientific illustrator for EEB, has had two paintings selected for The Art of Conservation 2012, An International Exhibit of Nature in Art show. The exhibit has become one of the most highly anticipated events among the nature-inspired art genres.

The paintings are "Gyrfalcon" and "Huron River Swan." On the Artists for Conservation website, Megahan comments on the paintings:

“I find the Gyrfalcon to be fascinating. It lives in an extremely harsh environment and yet it is the largest species of falcon. The plumage can range from nearly white to dark slate color. Its ability to endure in the Arctic captures my imagination and I have wanted to paint one for a long time.”

“I like to walk the Huron River in Ann Arbor during the winter. When it's frozen I like to watch the wildlife. My eye catches much more because there are no leaves. The light can be a strong warm presence against an icy background, something I like to try capturing in paint.”

Megahan is also a graphic designer and web developer for EEB.