Like many economics majors, graduating senior Anna Tushman began her collegiate studies intending to focus on mathematics. Though she had some experience with the subject in high school, it was not until after taking Econ 101 (an introductory microeconomics course) that she knew she’d found her field—appreciating how applicable economics is to real life and the various domains to which she could apply her degree.

Throughout her time at U-M, Anna has taken advantage of many opportunities on campus including joining a student organization that works with schools in Detroit to promote literacy (Books for a Benefit, for which she's served on the Executive Board), working on campus as a student manager in the dining halls, and spending her first year studying in the Women in Science & Engineering Residential Program (WISE RP) where she was able to surround herself with other women who were also interested in STEM fields and ignite a passion for combating the underrepresentation of women in such disciplines. Anna would later apply this passion to economics by participating in the Society of Women in Economics (SWIE), an undergraduate club striving to create an empowering environment for women interested in economics through holding study hours, career panels, resume workshops, guest speakers, etc. This former president of SWIE has been grateful for the community of women the group has provided her.

In addition to her extra-curriculars on campus, Anna interned in Chicago for PwC, an internatoinal accounting practice, the summer before her senior year. Learning firsthand about transfer pricing, Anna found this niche area of economics combined many of her interests and is considering it a viable option for a future career. This internship exposed for Anna the many paths and various graduate degrees one can pursue to become an economics professional in a firm like PwC.

Looking forward, Anna has accepted an offer for a full-time position at PwC's Chicago office working in transfer pricing after she graduates this spring with her B.A. in Economics and minor in Political Science. Anna is also considering a graduate’s degree to pursue her goals of a career in the field.