The Department of Economics was featured in the Spring 2016 edition of LSA Magazine. The main highlights include LIFE-M, MITRE, and the groundbreaking environment of cross-disciplinary work and respect that sets U-M apart. The article includes insights from Associate Professor Martha Bailey, Associate Professor C. Hoyt Bleakley, Professor Justin Wolfers, Assistant Professor Dominick Bartelme, and Jim Adams, the Shorey Peterson Professor of Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance, an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, and the Chair of the Department of Economics.

John Sweetland, one of the original members of the Economics Leadership Council (ELC), has been integral in shaping the Department of Economics. He endowed the Shorey Peterson chair and created the first endowed chair of International Economics in 1997. Other ELC members include Gail Wilensky (AB ’64, MA ’64, PhD ‘68), Allen Sinai (AB ‘61), and David Berson (AB ‘82).

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