The PhD program is delighted to announce that Ms. Olga Malkova was recently named one of  the recipients of the International Institute of Public Finance Young Economists Award

The "IIPF Young Economists Award" was instituted in 2008, with the aim of encouraging young scholars who present their papers at the IIPF Annual Congress. An award committee, headed by the Scientific Chair of the respective congress and including further members, selects those papers presented at the congress that stand out for their scientific quality, creativity and relevance, and chooses up to three of them to be distinguished with this award. 

The IIPF Young Economist Award was presented to Olga Malkova at the 2014 International Institute of PUblic FInance Finance Annual Congress.  She was honored in recognition of her research and the paper titled  "The Effect of Paid Parental Leave and a Child Benefit on Fertility".


The press release for this award is available at this link:

Please join us in congratulating Olga Malkova on her achievement (