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Michael J. Moore Dissertation Award

Established in 1995 from a gift of Michael J. Moore, MA ’82 econ; PhD ’84 econ, to fully endow the Michael J. Moore Dissertation Fellowship in Economics.The Moore Dissertation Prize is a $1,000 award presented annually to support the research phase of the dissertation process. The student's topic must belong to the general area of Applied Microeconomics and must involve both empirical analysis and issues of public policy as an essential part of the research agenda.  If no paper reaches this threshold of excellence, no award is given.


Traviss Cassidy

Traviss Cassidy is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of Michigan. Cassidy received a BSFS in International Political Economy from GeorgetownUniversity and a MA in economics from Duke University. He is interested in topics in the fi€elds of public fi€nance, development, and political economy. His research explores the effects of federal transfers in Indonesia, the economic and political consequences of natural resourcewealth, the role of a mayor’s age in policymaking in Italy, and the infuence of historical confictexposure on long-run economic growth in Europe.