Structural Geology and Tectonics focuses on the manifestation of plate tectonic motions in the deformation of Earth’s crust and lithosphere, from the scale of mountain ranges to individual faults and folds, and on timescales from deep Earth history to present-day tectonism and associated natural hazards. Active research projects at UM circle the globe and include Canada, the western United States, the Middle East, Nepal, Tibet, and New Zealand.

Faculty Specialties Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
Marin Clark Landslides, geomorphology, earthquakes, crustal dynamics, tectonics. Personal WebsiteThermochronology Lab
Robert Holder U–Pb geochronology/petrochronology, Metamorphism and its relationship to tectonics, Orogenesis, Secular changes in plate tectonics, High-temperature metamorphism and crustal melting, Laser-ablation ICP-MS, Chemical diffusion.

Robert Holder Research Group

UM Petrochronology Lab

Nathan Niemi Active tectonics, low-temperature thermochronology, field geology, structural geology. Personal WebsiteThermochronology Lab
Ben van der Pluijm Crustal evolution, hazards geology, societal resilience. Personal WebsiteProcesses in Structural Geology and Tectonics