Understanding the dynamic Earth and the resulting natural hazards is the main research focus of geophysics at UM. Our research is fundamentally multidisciplinary: We employ a variety of observational and theoretical approaches to investigate Earth dynamics, Earth structure and earthquake processes at various scales. Ongoing projects include exploring geodetic data using machine learning techniques, imaging the internal structure of the Earth using seismic waveform modeling, estimating seismogenic stresses from earthquake slip data, modeling the dynamics and ground motions of subduction zone earthquakes, analyzing earthquake source parameters in earthquake sequences, understanding volcanic systems and developing techniques to monitor earthquakes with fiber-optic cables.

Faculty Specialties Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
Eric Hetland Geodesy, Earthquakes, Fault Zones, Fault Mechanics, Seismology. Personal Website
Yihe Huang Seismology, Earthquake Source Physics, Fault Mechanics Personal Website
Jackie Li Mineral physics, experimental geochemistry. Personal Website
Jeroen Ritsema Seismic Imaging of Earth's interior. Personal Website
Zack Spica Seismology, Volcanology, Seismic Imaging and Fiber-optic seismology.