Faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences are always looking to recruit students at both the graduate (PhD, Masters) and undergraduate levels. If you are interested in joining a lab, the best thing to do is to contact one or more faculty members directly whose work interests you. For prospective graduate students, our application information page has more information about applying to our graduate program (PhD or Masters). For UM undergrads, our advising page lists faculty who act as undergraduate advisors, who can also help you declare a major in EARTH or find a lab to work in. We look forward to your joining the Earth family! 

Faculty Fields Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
Brian Arbic Paleoclimate and Climate Change, Oceanography Arbic Group
Udo Becker Low-Temperature GeochemistryEnvironmental Sciences Surface Geochemistry and Computational Mineralogy Group
Joel Blum Oceanography, Low Temperature Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geobiology  
Monica Carvalho Paleontology  
Marin Clark Structural Geology & TectonicsGeochronology & Thermochronology Personal WebsiteThermochronology Lab
Julie Cole Paleoclimate and Climate ChangeLow-Temperature Geochemistry

Julia Cole's Climate LabStable Isotope Lab

Stable Isotope Lab video tour.

Rose Cory Low-Temperature GeochemistryEnvironmental Sciences, Geobiology Research Website
Greg Dick Geobiology, Low-Temperature GeochemistryEnvironmental Sciences Michigan Geomicrobiology Lab
Jessica Fayne Climate Change,  GeomorphologyRemote SensingHydrology  
Matt Friedman Paleontology  
Ingrid Hendy Paleoclimate and Climate Change, Oceanography, Low-Temperature Geochemistry MEAL Lab video tour.
Eric Hetland Geophysics Personal Website
Robert Holder Geochronology & ThermochronologyStructural Geology & TectonicsPetrology & High-Temperature Geochemistry

Robert Holder Research Group

UM Petrochronology Lab

Yihe Huang Geophysics Personal Website
Jena Johnson GeobiologyLow Temperature Geochemistry

Microbe-Mineral Lab

Microbe-Mineral Lab video tour.

Jenan Kharbush OceanographyGeobiologyEnvironmental SciencesGeochemistry  
Anders Kiledal Environmental Sciences, Geobiology Michigan Geomicrobiology Lab
Becky Lange Petrology & High-Temperature Geochemistry  
Naomi Levin Paleoclimate and Climate ChangeLow-Temperature Geochemistry Levin Research Group
Jackie Li Petrology & High-Temperature Geochemistry, Geophysics Personal Website
Kacey Lohmann Paleoclimate and Climate ChangeLow-Temperature Geochemistry Personal WebsiteStable Isotope Lab
Nathan Niemi Structural Geology & TectonicsLow-Temperature Geochemistry, Geochronology & Thermochronology Personal WebsiteThermochronology Lab
Ben Passey Paleoclimate and Climate ChangeLow-Temperature Geochemistry  
Sierra Petersen Paleoclimate and Climate Change, OceanographyLow-Temperature Geochemistry SCIPP Lab, Stable Isotope Lab
Jeroen Ritsema Geophysics Personal Website
Nathan Sheldon Paleoclimate and Climate Change, Low Temperature Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geobiology

Continental Environments Research Group

Earth System Science Lab video tour.

Adam Simon Petrology & High-Temperature GeochemistryLow-Temperature Geochemistry Personal Website
Selena Smith Paleontology

Smith Lab

PEPPR Lab Video Tour

Zack Spica Geophysics  
Jeff Wilson Paleontology Personal Website
Youxue Zhang Petrology & High-Temperature Geochemistry