Aquatic Geochemistry Research Group

Continental Environments Research Group

Geomicrobiology Research Group

Geophysics Research Group

Glaciochemistry and Isotope Geochemistry Group 

Hydrology and Noble Gas Research Group

Mineralogy and Materials Science Research Group

Climate Change Research Group

Paleomagnetism, Structure and Tectonics Laboratories (PaSTeL)

Paleontology Research Group

Physical Oceanography and Ocean Modeling Group

Surface Geochemistry and Computational Mineralogy Group

Tectonics and Structural Geology Research Group

Laboratories and Research Facilities

Click on this link for a list of laboratories with descriptions of each lab, including equipment and links to the lab web pages.

Museum of Paleontology

The Museum of Paleontology is a research museum devoted to study the history of life, interpretation of its meaning, and sharing these experiences with students. It provides staff, laboratory, and field support for faculty and students.

Virtual Geosciences Library