The fields of sedimentology and stratigraphy underly many other earth science disciplines represented in our department and define fundamental principles of geology.  In our department, experts in these topics take their knowledge into the field to investigate climate drivers effecting human evolution, basin formation processes, and the diagenetic history of rock units. 

Faculty Specialties Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
Jena Johnson Historical geomicrobiology, evolution of metabolisms, Precambrian biosignatures and astrobiology. Microbe-Mineral Lab
Naomi Levin Stratigraphy, paleoecology, isotope hydrology, isotope geochemistry, environments of early humans. Levin Research Group
Kacey Lohmann Carbonate geochemistry, sedimentology, field geology, paleoceanography, stable isotope geochemistry, sclerochronology. Personal Website
Nathan Niemi Active tectonics, low-temperature thermochronology, field geology, structural geology. Personal WebsiteThermochronology Lab
Affiliated Faculty Primary Affiliation/Specialties Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
John Geissman University of Texas, Dallas  
Scott Wing Paleobotany, Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Paleoecology, Plant-based paleoclimate proxies, Fluvial stratigraphy National Museum of Natural History