Petrology and High-Temperature Geochemistry deal with processes occuring in the Earth's interior at elevated temperatures. This includes investigating the elemental composition of the Earth's core (and that of other planets!), the source of water on the moon, how nature concentrates metals in mineral deposits found in Earth's crust, and how magmatism and volcanism relate to the formation of continental crust and subduction.

Faculty Specialties Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
Robert Holder U–Pb geochronology/petrochronology, Metamorphism and its relationship to tectonics, Orogenesis, Secular changes in plate tectonics, High-temperature metamorphism and crustal melting, Laser-ablation ICP-MS, Chemical diffusion.

Robert Holder Research Group

UM Petrochronology Lab

Becky Lange Origin and transport of high-SiO2 rhyolite, timescales of phenocryst growth in erupted magma, evolution of continental crust, mineral-melt thermometers, oxybarometers, hygrometers, thermodynamic properties of silicate and carbonate liquids.  
Jackie Li Mineral physics, experimental geochemistry. Personal Website
Adam Simon Ore deposit formation, hydrothermal fluids, magmatic systems, sustainability, environmental mining footprints. Personal Website
Youxue Zhang Experimental petrology, lunar chemistry, geochemical kinetics, mantle geochemistry.  
Affiliated Faculty Primary Affiliation/Specialties Associated Laboratories and Research Groups
John Geissman University of Texas, Dallas