New building entry procedures go into effect today, 17 August 2020.  As you know, the in-person health screening at the Pharmacy entrance is now closed. 

Every day before coming onsite, everyone entering North University Building is required to complete a COVID-19 Self-Screening survey online at or on their mobile device app. You must take your temperature in order to complete the self-screening.  If you are not cleared for entry, you should follow the instructions for next steps.

Everyone who needs to enter North University Building is required to submit a new Return to Work on Campus Agreement Form in addition to the Daily Health Attestation Form. You must submit the new Return to Work Form if  you currently have access to any of the spaces in NUB, including labs, or you will require access in future phases of the University’s return to work plan. 

The most recent message from the College's leadership is a reminder that on-site, in-person work should be limited to activity that the college has prioritized to take place in-person to fulfill the mission of the college (e.g.,) supporting students on campus, supporting in-person instruction, and approved in-person research). All other work that can be performed remotely must be performed remotely.

Reminder:  We are all responsible for ensuring that our community is safe.

If you see or experience something that concerns you, we encourage and support you in taking any of the following actions:

  • Speak up: If you see someone not adhering to health and safety guidelines.
  • Remove yourself: If you are in a situation that puts your health or safety at risk.
  • Notify your supervisor,, or of any concerns.
  • Compliance Hotline: Report concerns online at or call 866-990-0111.