Congratulations to Nathan Sheldon, who has just been awarded the 2015 James Lee Wilson Medal for "Excellence in Sedimentary Geology by a Young Scientist" from the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)!!  This is awarded to a young scientist for a significant record of research accomplishments in sedimentary geology. Candidates are not limited to members of the SEPM nor to citizens of any one country, so Sheldon was chosen from a very large pool of candidates.

Sheldon's research focuses on understanding carbon cycle processes and past climatic change at a variety of spatial and temporal scales ranging from the Precambrian through predictions of the impacts of future climate change on the carbon cycle. Much of his group's work has used paleosols (fossil soils) to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions and the impact of those conditions on the biosphere, but has more recently expanded to include problems such as terrestrialization of the biosphere in the Precambrian, isotope ecology of gymnosperm plants, and carbon burial in shallow marine basins during ocean anoxic events.