Thank you to all who attended the standing-room-only reception in  C C Little, Friday, May 3. It was an opportunity for faculty to meet the families of our many fine graduates-and for the families to meet the people who have been guiding and shaping the graduates.



PhD Graduates for May, 2013

Jennifer Cotton
Using Soils to Constrain Past and Future Climate Change

Xuan Guo
Density and Compressiblity of FeO-bearing Silicate Melt: Relevance to Magma Behavior on the Earth

M. Louise Jeffery
A Climate Perspective on Paleoelevation and Erosion Processes in the Central Andes

Rohit Warrier
New Applications of Atmospheric Noble Gases in Hydrogeology, Atmospheric Sciences, Paleoclimate and Tectonics

MS Graduates for May, 2013

Sarah Aarons
Variable Hf-Sr-Nd Radiogenic Isotopic Compositions in a Saharan Dust Storm over the Atlantic: Implications for Dust Flux to Oceans, Ice Sheets and the Terrestrial Biosphere

Rich Fiorella
Dehumidification over Tropical Continents Reduces Climate Sensitivity and Inhibits Snowball Earth Initiation

Timothy Gallagher
A New Paleothermometer for Forest Paleosols and its Implications for Cenozoic Climate

Timothy O'Brien
Timing of Iapetus Ocean Rifting in the St. Lawrence Rift System of Southern Quebec, and Fault and Cleavage Dating along the Champlain Thrust of Vermont, Northern Appalachians

Kathleen Presley
Characterization of the Interactions between Shale Cementation and Fracture Pump Resistance, and the Subsequent Contributions to Air Emissions from Eagleford Shale Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Allyson Tessin
Isotopically Depleted Carbon in the Mid-Depth South Atlantic During the Last Deglaciation

BS Honors Graduates for May, 2013

Aaron Brewer
Evaluation of Land Snails for Clumped Isotope Paleothermometry: A Case Study of the Pleistocene of Bermuda

Gen Ito
The Magma-Hydrothermal Transition Zone on the East Pacific Rise

Megan Mueller
Assessing the Role of the San Andreas Fault in Controlling the Spatial Distribution of Erosion Rates in the Transverse Ranges, southern California

Syamil Razak
Insights into the Position of Kyrgyzstan in the Silurian

Zachary Menzo
Permian Secular Variation of the Ayaguz Formation in Kazakhstan

Earth and Environmental Sciences BS Graduates for May, 2013

Amanda Collins
Kevin Garrett
Carrie Glauner
Chad Gregory
Gabriel Grinstein
Dominic Haywood
Gretchen Klank
Grace Lieb
Taryn O'Connell
Rachel Palmer
Alexander Piskin
Clayton Smith
Carla Valdes

Geological Sciences BS Graduates for May, 2013

Andrew Biebuyck
Aaron Brewer
Jane Cooper
Helen DeMarsh
Paul Den Uyl II
Izyan Nadirah Dzulkifli
Marissa Gunnarsson
Gen Ito
Kylie Joki
Nathaniel Kerns
Brigid Lynch
Zachary Menzo
Syamil Mohd Razak
Megan Mueller
Matthew St Clair
Clinton Sweet
Brent Welsh

Geological Sciences Minors Graduates for May, 2013

Issac Anderson
Lauren Beriont
Matthew Buch
Stephanie Chen
Kendall Effinger
Lindsey Eldredge-Fox
Raye Evrard
Lindsay Isenhart
Veronica Kincaid
Sharon Oser
Dana Rollison
Nicholas Schiavo
Emily Seeley
Anna Snoeyink
Brett Sosnik
Brian Stark
Sarah Anne Terry
Jamie Vaughan