On October 18 2012 over 500 members of the Ann Arbor community gathered for a special screening of SWITCH at the Power center for the Performing Arts. SWITCH is a documentary exploration of global energy solutions, including coal, solar, geothermal, oil, biofuels, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, wind and conservation. The film is narrated and produced by Scott Tinker, a U-M alumnus now Professor and Associate Dean of Research at the Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin.

A post-showing Q & A ran until after ten o'clock, as audience members lined up at microphones to make comments and ask questions.

The panel answering questions was moderated by Rebecca Lange, Chair and Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and was composed of: Scott Tinker; Mark Barteau, Director, U-M Energy Institute; Thomas Downar Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, U-M College of Engineering and U-M Energy Institute; Jeremiah Johnson, Research Scientist, U-M School of Natural Resources and the Environment; Anne Marie Lewis, U-M PhD Graduate Student in College of Engineering and School of Natural Resources; Ashwin Salvi, U-M PhD Graduate Student in College of Engineering, Michigan Energy Club Leadership Team.

The event was sponsored by the Michigan Energy Club, the U-M Energy Institute, and the U-M Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


The SWITCH Energy Project
Michigan Energy Club
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences