Top: Future University of Michigan student Ponette R. hiking in Yellowstone with Earth Camp, summer 2017. Bottom: Future University of Michigan student Jordan W. on top of Mt. Anne at Camp Davis Field Station.


The curriculum is designed to educate and excite high school students about Earth and environmental sciences through hands-on experience outdoor activities, and exposure to career opportunities in the Earth and environmental sciences.

Starting in 2015, we began a three-year sequence in which students complete a different one-week experience with the same cohort each summer between freshman and senior year.  In year 1, rising sophomores complete a camp experience centered at U-M, around Ann Arbor, and at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  In year 2, rising juniors complete a camp focused on the geology of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and in year 3, students participate in a camp in Wyoming, visiting Camp Davis, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  Following these field experiences, students participate in a visit to U-M for a workshop on college readiness and applying to Michigan. In 2017-2018, the first cohort to complete the three-year sequence applied to college with the following results:

·      100% (19/19) of Earth Camp alumni will attend college next year

·      11 of 19 Earth Camp alumni applied to the University of Michigan (9 LSA, 1 nursing, 1 engineering).

·      5 of these 11 applicants were accepted (4 LSA, 1 engineering).

·      4 Earth Camp alumni matriculated to the University of Michigan (3 LSA, 1 engineering)

·      8/19 plan to major in geology, earth, or environmental science; 10/19 plan to major in another STEM field, 1/19 plans to major in a non-STEM field.

The Earth and Environmental Science Department will be supporting our Earth Camp alumni at U-M through scholarships (funded by NSF), assistance in securing research experiences, and mentoring.   We look forward to welcoming Jackson, Ponette, Jordan, and Erica to campus.

Earth Camp would not have been possible without generous contributions from the University of Michigan, National Science Foundation, Shell, and individuals. We are actively seeking support for future Earth Camps to keep this pathway into the geosciences open.  If you, or your organization are interested in sponsoring an Earth Camp student, please contact