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Smith Lecture: Mineral Exploration and Discovery in Africa, and their Benefits to African Geoscientists - the Ivanhoe Perspective

David Broughton, Senior Advisor, Exploration and Geology, Ivanhoe Mines
Friday, January 12, 2018
3:30-4:30 PM
1528 1100 North University Building Map
Ivanhoe Mines and its predecessor companies (e.g. Ivanplats) have been active in Africa for over 20 years, primarily in the well-known geological provinces of the Central African Copperbelt (DRC, Zambia) and the Bushveld Complex (South Africa). Discoveries of world-class deposits at Kamoa (Cu) in 2008, Flatreef (PGE–Ni–Cu) in 2010, and Kakula (Cu) in 2016, as well as acquisition of the formerly producing Kipushi mine (Cu-Zn) in 2012, have transformed the company from a small, private junior explorer to a prominent, publically traded mining and development company. Ivanhoe’s discoveries came in areas dismissed as geologically un-prospective, and have had fundamental impacts on geological understanding and mineralization models in the Copperbelt and Bushveld. They have also brought substantial benefits and employment to local economies and people, including geoscientists. Ivanhoe is proud to sponsor a wide range of community and sustainability projects, education and technical training, and undergraduate to graduate level studies and research projects.
Building: 1100 North University Building
Event Type: Lecture / Discussion
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