Intro Geology

Intro Geology Slideshow

Intro Geology Slideshow

Introductory Geology 

Session 1: May 29 - June 28, 2014
5 Credits



EARTH 116 is an introductory course covering all aspects of modern earth sciences. Students learn about rocks, minerals, and fossils, both in the classroom and in a variety of natural settings, which leads to discussion and understanding of topics such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, geoenvironmental problems, paleoceanography, and tectonic processes. In the first week classroom lectures are a key part of the course, after that, most of the time will be spent in the field on day trips and extended camping trips. About two weeks of the course involve field trips to other parts of Wyoming as well as Nevada, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. High elevation hiking is required and moderate to good physical fitness is necessary.

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Session 1: Prof. Sarah Aciego U of M E&ES, Prof. Jamie Gleason U of M E&ES


No prerequisites are required. Graduating high school seniors and university students are encouraged to apply. Entering first-year students could arrive on campus in the fall term with 5 hours of science credit already earned studying rocks and minerals in the mountains of the West. Benefits include reduced food, and lodging costs.


Satisfies PITE field experience requirement. Satisfies PITE Intro Geology requirement. For a full list of requirements this course fulfills please click here.

Fees and Tuition

Fees: Room/Board/Transportation $1125 (tentative)

Tuition: Tuition for five U of M credits and course fees must be paid directly to the University of Michigan and will be billed on or before June 30th, 2015. Guest students are charged upper division rates. Up to date tuition rates can be found at the U of M Registrar website. Departmental Financial Aid to help offset tuition cost is available for all University of Michigan students. Please direct any questions to or call 734.615.8600


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Summer 2015 Application

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