History & Lit of the Rockies

History and Literature of the Rockies

History and Literature of the Rockies

History and Literature of the Rockies 

June 25 - July 15, 2015 
3 credits




History and Literature in the Rockies will be team taught in and around the Jackson Hole area. This course will examine a range of human experiences and expressions of place, centered on the Camp Davis region and Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. After a brief introduction to the area’s geology and ecology, we will examine human histories and landscapes, tracing these from the first inhabitants to contemporary development, management, and recreational issues. At the same time, the course will explore human expressions of place captured in literature, art, and landscape. We will emphasize journal writing and experiential learning, and will be conducting classes in a number of sites around the area. The centerpiece of the course will be a multi-day trip through Yellowstone National Park, focusing on ways the park has been imagined and on continuing conflicts about managing wilderness.

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Professor Philip Deloria, History and Program in American Culture. Professor Gregg Crane,  Dept. of English Language & Literature.


No pre-requisites are required. Graduating high school seniors and all university students are encouraged to attend. Guest students are welcome

Fees and Tuition

Fees: Room/Board/Transportation $750 

Tuition: Tuition for three U-M credits and course fees must be paid directly to the University of Michigan and will be billed on or before June 30th, 2015. Guest students are charged upper division rates.  Up to date tuition rates can be found at the U-M Registrar website. Please direct any questions to campdavis@umich.edu or call 734.615.8600


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