Any student will tell you that Camp Davis offers so many more lessons than those printed on the course syllabus. We asked questions during the hike to the day’s lesson site, hikes that were no less interesting than the planned projects; we forged strong bonds with old and new friends; we
got daily one-on-one career and life advice from some of the best geologists in academics; we learned to work with people we might not otherwise choose to work with; we pushed ourselves physically beyond our comfort zones; we became more responsible adults; and, most importantly, we became more impassioned about the way our planet works. Daily life in Ann Arbor has too many distractions to get these sorts of lessons sitting in a classroom for a few hours. I got my photo published in the Ann Arbor news when I graduated in 2008 because on my mortarboard, I wrote the words that were our morning mantra at Camp Davis, said each day before leaving for the field, “Oh, joy! Another day to excel!” That is what Camp Davis was for me, a place that taught me how to excel in academics and in life. I am about to complete my PhD in Geological Sciences this year, and I literally owe much of my success to my time at Camp Davis.− Eric Portegna (BS ‘08), Postdoctoral Fellow

The skills I learned at Camp Davis - applying 4-dimensional reasoning, interpreting with limited data, and developing a holistic approach to geology - have directly translated to my work as a geologist for a major energy company. In a world where field camps are vanishing, Camp Davis offers students what no other geology field camp can provide: a varied, first-rate education of fundamental field skills in a small class setting with high caliber experts. There is no replacement for field geology skills and how they transfer to the working world of a geologist, and the University of Michigan offers the best in its class.− Kelly Umlauf (BS ‘07) , Geologist

I love Camp Davis! Not only are the classes fantastic, but the professors are great and very knowledgeable and approachable. My Camp Davis experience allowed me to have a much better understanding of geological processes by transcending the very simplified textbook examples and actually seeing how these processes shape the Earth. This not only allowed me to do better in my classes following my Camp Davis classes, but ultimately give me an edge in my job for a major oil company.− Ada Dominguez (BS’10, MS’12), Geophysicist

I was at Camp Davis twice as a Michigan student- in 2003 for Earth 116 before my freshman year and 2006 for Earth 341[now Earth 450] before my senior year, and also once as an Earth 116 GSI in 2009.I spent time there as an incoming freshman with an undecided major, a confident senior applying to graduate geology programs, and a graduate student about to begin a career in environmental consulting. The impact Camp Davis has had on my life is indescribable - it is directly responsible for where I am today.Camp Davis is a unique learning experience - the setting is rustic but the faculty are world class.− Jess Malone (BS’06, MS ‘09), Environmental Consultant

I was fortunate to be able to attend both Earth 116 and Earth 440 at Camp Davis. The educational experiences that Camp Davis provides to students in various degree programs are unlike anything they can receive on main campus. Camp Davis facilitates physical and mental growth, teamwork, and camaraderie with other students and professors. It gives students first hand exposure to the treasures that are our National Parks and Forests. My tenure at Camp Davis had a direct impact on my decision to pursue a career in conducting and coordinating scientific research in the field that supports conservation.− Lt. JG Jared Halonen (BS ‘08), NOAA Corps

My experience at Camp Davis, in addition to providing me with practical field knowledge which has been invaluable to my research, caused an enduring shift in how I think about deep earth processes. Being able to walk along folded layers of bedrock and then applying my observations to reach a set of conclusions about the history of an area is a completely unique way to take learning out of the abstract. My time at Camp Davis in particular, from its location to the professors that run the camp, helped me make connections between field observations and geologic theories that have made me both a better teacher and a better scientist.− Mary Peterson (BS ‘09), PhD student