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Our Funding Priorities

The educational and scientific mission of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is to understand the origin, evolution and future of the Earth. We are educating students in unique areas of expertise that are needed for both the development and stewardship of Earth’s energy, mineral and water resources. The Department has been recognized for its excellence with top national ranking in a number of areas. To remain in the forefront of this rapidly expanding discipline focused on the critical natural resources that sustain a modern industrial civilization, we need to provide students with opportunities to gain field experience, to undertake research utilizing the best tools available, and to pursue advanced degrees without assuming the burden of a crippling debt. Our funding priorities reflect our needs and opportunities to sustain and expand our world-class research and teaching efforts in the 21st century.  To learn more about our opportunities and priorities please click on one of the links below.

Download a printable version of funding priorities.

Earth & Environmental Science Strategic Fund

Gifts will be used to support groundbreaking research and teaching initiatives that are not funded by traditional channels. Funds could be used for “state-of-the-art” scientific equipment or technology upgrades for research and learning, seed money for faculty proposals for promising research or teaching ideas, post-doctoral training, or other opportunities to support our research and teaching mission. Gifts to the Strategic Fund – 310161 will support the Department’s research-related programming and teaching needs.

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Camp Davis Rocky Mountain Field Station

Camp Davis has grown from a summer surveying camp to a teaching and research facility offering a variety of courses in subjects that range from geology and environmental sciences to the humanities. For more than 80 years, the Camp Davis program has provided a unique and inspiring educational experience for thousands of undergraduate students. Recently, Camp Davis has experienced dramatic growth in both course offerings and student enrollments. In 2009, Phase I of an aggressive renovation plan was completed and, along with infrastructure improvements, 20 cabins were replaced. We have initiated Phase II of the renovation and are raising funds to replace the final 30 original cabins on the property. Gifts to the Camp Davis Rocky Mountain Field Station Strategic Fund – 316234 will be used to provide a safe and comfortable facility for our program participants in the decades to come.

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Student Outreach Program

This program supports the department's efforts to attract high school students from under-represented groups to the Earth and environmental sciences. 'Earth Camp' is an exciting residential camp experience for where high school students stay in college dorms at UM to experience college life while participating in exciting field trips and hands-on explorations of Earth science.

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Field Excursion Fund

Field investigations are at the very heart of the Earth and environmental sciences. U-M’s campus offers an intellectually rich living and learning environment full of cultural diversity, but to enable our students to experience geologic and environmental diversity we must provide opportunities for field learning experiences. We depend upon generous gifts to make these experiences accessible to current and future generations of students. Gifts to the Field Excursion Fund* - 366013 will be used to defray the cost to our students of field experiences in the U.S. and abroad.

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Earth & Environmental Science Undergraduate Scholarship & Activities Fund

With the increasing urgency to train a new generation of Earth and environmental scientists, who will become the specialists addressing our future natural resource policies, we must attract and retain the brightest and most promising students at the undergraduate level. The Department has seen a steady increase in undergraduate majors, and we seek to enhance their academic experience by increasing scholarship support and research opportunities. Gifts to the Undergraduate Scholarship & Activities Fund – 307829 will support need-based scholarships and research opportunities for undergraduate concentrators in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Eric J. Essene Endowment for Graduate Student Fellowships

The success of our programs depends upon recruiting and retaining the highest caliber graduate student and providing sufficient financial support is crucial to that effort. Graduate fellowships are more highly valued than ever due to rising costs and the loss of public funding. Gift-funded fellowships allow our faculty to engage more students in their research programs, which both enriches students’ academic experiences and reduces their need to seek outside employment while learning to be teachers and scholars. Gifts to the Eric J. Essene Endowment for Graduate Student Fellowships– 571993*, will support fellowships for a Ph.D. student.

*The fund was established in 2008 in memory of Professor Eric Essene, who left a legacy of joy and enthusiasm for the success of his students. 

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Mail A Donation Directly to the Department

You may mail a check to the Department office:

    Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    2534 C.C. Little Bldg.
    1100 North University Ave.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1005

Please be sure to make your check payable to the University of Michigan.

Questions? Contact the Department Alumni Office at, or call 734.764.1435.