For many of you who have delved into the field of minor element geochemistry while at Michigan, you probably have fond memories of Ted Huston, who as an analytical chemist spent 26 years supporting the research of faculty and students.  Ted began in 1989 as Lynn Walters’ laboratory manager.  He had spent many years in this capacity with Lynn at Washington University in St. Louis and made the transition to Michigan when she was hired into the Sedimentary Geology group.  In 1996, he transitioned to become the “Head Honcho” of the Keck Elemental Geochemistry Laboratory, which extended the Department’s analytical capabilities with High Resolution Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometers.  This laboratory continued as a productive facility under his guardianship until Ted retired in 2015.  New instrumentation is planned for the rejuvenation of our elemental microanalytical facilities which are now under that direction of Prof. Ingrid Hendy.  We all miss Ted and his many contributions to the Department’s research programs.  Ted, we hope you enjoy your well earned retirement!!