Our alumni are keeping busy in the Oil Patch. Jim Rodgers (BS ’52, MS ’53, left) and Dick Kettler (PhD ’89, right) recently completed a monumental study of the Geology of the Late Paleozoic Yuma Arch, Nebraska and Colorado. This study examined the regional stratigraphy, structure and salt tectonics to provide insight into the source rocks, migration pathways and reservoir characteristics. Great contribution!!! Take a look at the entire report. Citation: Rogers, J.P., Longman, M.W., Pearson, W.C., Wahlman, G.P., Kettler, R.M., Wlseth, J., Dixon, J., and Thomasson, M.R., 2015, Late Paleozoic Yuma Arch, Colorado and Nebraska: Implications for Oil Exploration in Pennsylvanian Carbonate Reservoirs:, The Mountain Geologist, v. 52, no. 1, 58 pp.