Congratulations to Earth and Environmental Sciences Michigan Geophysical Union Award winners.


Category: Climate, Oceans, and Environment

1st place morning session. Jenny Bowen: The effect of photodegradation on microbial degradation of DOM depends on the production and removal of labile DOM

2nd place morning session. Xiaojing Du: Relationship between annual precipitation variability and ENSO in Southern California for the Common Era (last 2,000 years)

1st place afternoon session. Kathryn Rico: Associations between redox-sensitive trace metals and microbial communities in a Proterozoic ocean analogue

2nd place afternoon session. Alexander Thompson: Modeling the Diagnostic Effects of Vegetation, Soil Albedo, and Dust on Mid-Holocene North African Climate


Category: Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Tectonics

1st place morning session. Ben Gebarski: Surface-Mediated Reactions of Uranyl Peroxide Materials U60 and Studtite at the Mineral-Electrolyte Interface

2nd place morning session. Mark Robbins: Lasting Effects of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods on Subglacial Drainage Networks

1st place afternoon session. Will Bender: Determining the Kinetics of Discrete Aqueous Redox Reaction Sub-Steps Using Computational Methods: Application to Reactions of Plutonyl (PuO2+/2+) with Fe2+, Fe3+, and Hydroxyl Radical (•OH)

2nd place afternoon session. Sha Chen: Trace element partitioning between olivine and melt inclusion in lunar samples


Category: Undergraduate Awards

1st place. Anne Rosett: Geochemical Fingerprinting of Spinel from Tanzania and Mozambique for the Purpose of Gem Exploration and Heat Treatment

2nd place.  Lauren VanWagoner: Stable carbon isotope signatures and their relation to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, growth form, climate, and phylogeny in palms