It's that time! No, not the spring thaw. Not commencement. Mental Health Awareness Month!!! We are thrilled to bring the EARTH community another month of info, tips, and ideas that help build mutual understanding and (self-) compassion. This year's theme is Stay Grounded.

We'll be rolling out 5 weeks of ideas to build understanding of ourselves and the people around us. And yes, each week still a giveaway between noon and 5 pm on Wednesdays.

  • May 1: "Why Belonging Matters" - t-shirt giveaway
  • May 8: "Celebrating Struggle" - $10 of food and/or drinks on us at Vertex Roasters!
  • May 15: "Watering What Counts" - Yeti mugs!
  • May 22:  "Reframing Failure" - Aaron's Crazy Thinking Putty!
  • May 29: "Your 'No' Protects Your 'Yes'” - Tony's Chocolonely and farmer's market tokens!

*Timing of giveaways may be subject to change pending delivery times from vendors.

All members of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (students, staff, postdocs, and faculty) are welcome to stop in each Wednesday from 12 to 5 pm to claim that day's giveaway item.

If you're unable to make any of the giveaways, you are welcome to fill out this form and we will hold any items or swag for you (please stop by NUB 2534 before the end of the summer to claim it). 

Though Mental Health Awareness Month is just in May, Michigan Earth wants to promote positive mental health throughout the entire year. If you would like access to any mental health resources, stop by the Michigan EARTH office or find the University of Michigan CAPS resources here.