After a massive hit last year in 2022, Mental Health Awareness Month is back for 2023 at Michigan EARTH! Mental Health Awareness Month happens every year in May and is celebrated all over the country in a number of different ways, including challenges, community events, raising awareness, and more.

In order to raise awareness, promote good mental health, and foster community, the department is holding giveaways every Wednesday throughout the month of May. Students, staff, and faculty could all take part in each giveaway. The giveaways are as follows:

May 3 - "Creating a Positive Atmosphere" t-shirts (sizes small through 2XL)

May 10 - "Creating a Positive Atmosphere" Michigan EARTH-branded chocolate bars from Tony's Chocolonely along with two tokes per person to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market (open Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer).

May 17 - Michigan EARTH-branded Calm Strips (a sensory tool used to help regulate restless energy, improve focus, and promote mindful breathing)

May 24 - Students could do directly to Vertex Coffee Roasters (1335 S. University Ave) and Michigan EARTH would cover up to $10 of each person's order.

May 31 - Michigan EARTH custom-branded "Creating a Positive Atmosphere" Nalgene water bottles

All giveaways, except for May 24th at Vertex Coffee Roasters, took place in the Michigan EARTH office located inside Room 2534 in the North University Building (1100 University Ave). If you're a student, staff, or faculty member within Michigan EARTH and you're unable to make any of the giveaways, you are welcome to fill out this form and we will hold any items or swag for you (just stop by NUB 2534 to claim it).

Though Mental Health Awareness Month is just in May, we want to promote positive mental health throughout the entire year. If you would like access to any mental health resources, stop by the Michigan EARTH office or find the University of Michigan CAPS resources here.