Congratulations to our MGU prize winners!

Climate, Oceans, and Environment category:

First place: Kyle Meyer “Late Cretaceous Sea Surface Temperature Variability of the Southeast U.S.”

Second place: Sharon Grim “Seasonality-driven succession in a low-oxygen benthic microbial mat”


Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Tectonics category:

First place: Erin Lynch “Stable isotopes of hydrogen in Precordilleran fault gouge clays preserve a Miocene meteoric signature in the Southern Central Andes, Argentina”

Second place: Will Bender “Computational evaluation of selective chelating agents for radium removal from shale gas wastewater”


24 of our graduate and undergraduate students participated in the poster conference, which was held at Palmer Commons on campus. Many thanks to volunteer organizers Sara Nedrich, Alyssa Abbey, Sharon Grim, and Jess Hicks. Thanks also to Judith Klatt, Kevin Meyer, Rebecca Lange, and Jeroen Ritsema who served as judges, and to Brian Arbic who presented the prizes.