This year's John and Ruth Dorr Awards Dinner, held at the Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor on Thursday, March 21, was a resounding success. The event drew an impressive number of attendees from the department, their families, and friends, who gathered together to share a meal and give a round of applause to this year's award winners. 

This year's award winners are as follows:

  • John Dorr Graduate Academic Achievement Award: Colleen Yancey
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award: Allison Curley, Alex Quizon, and Xue Su
  • Outstanding MS Research Award: Kaitlin Koshurba and Michael Machesky
  • Oustanding Graduate Student Service Award: Allison Curley and Ethan Shirley
  • Mark Robbins Innovative Teaching Award: Sydney Gable, Jiaqi Lu, and Alex Quizon
  • Gold Star Award: Sanaa El-Sayed, Lucas Gomes, Cecilia Howard, Tara Lonsdorf, Cameron Tripp, and Diana Velazquez
  • Golden Nebula Award: Anisha Ghosh, Lynnea Jackson, Elena Lee, and Theodore Matel
  • Best Professor Award: Rose Cory
  • Best GSI Award: Tara Lonsdorf
  • Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award: Samantha Davies, Katherine Harpenau, Caroline Peck, and Hadley Vande Vusse
  • Award for Academic Excellence in Earth and Environmental Sciences: Eric Waters
  • Alumni Undergraduate Award: Samantha Davies
  • Camp Davis Field Studies Award: Flora Luo, Rachel Mintz, and Anna Scheck
  • Outstanding Minor Award: Mya Welch 

Congratulations to these individuals whose exceptional achievements and unwavering commitment have greatly contributed to the esteemed reputation of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Their efforts continue to make the department a source of immense pride.

We would also like to thank the Dorr family for their continued support of our department and this event. Their contribution is pivotal in the ongoing success of this cherished annual gathering.