Climate/Environment 1st place:

Fabian Hardy - Temporal distribution and tectonic association of vertebrate fossils in the Middle-Miocene Dove Spring Formation, California

Colleen Yancey - Determining the Spatial and Temporal Variation in Natural Product Distribution in Western Lake Erie CHABs: Insights into Microcystis Bioactive Compound Potential

Climate/Environment  2nd place:

Meg Veitch - A "Deeper" Understanding: Decreasing predation intensity with increasing depth supports the Mesozoic Marine Revolution hypothesis for stalked crinoids' disappearance from shallow water

Solid Earth 1st place:

Kirk Townsend - The co-evolution of rock strength and relief during the early stages of mountain building

Solid Earth 2nd place:

Sha Chen - Volatile element study in lunar melt inclusions

People's Choice:

James Andrews - Anatomy and implications of the earliest crown squirrelfish (Teleostei: Holocentridae)

Undergraduate Poster:

Serena Scholz - Clumped isotope calibration for marine gastropods


Program and poster list.


L-R: Fabian Hardy, Collen Yancy, Kirk Townsend, Sha Chen, Meg Veitch, Serena Scholz (not shown James Andrews) Photo: Dale Austin