From Chris Malvica, Camp Davis Manager, 7/19/2016 14:51 ET

The Cliff Creek fire has grown to approximately 6700 acres over the past few days, and is still tracking North/Northeast away from the Camp Davis Campus.  Fire fighting personnel have increased to 300 overnight, and we’ve offered the the use of our showers, internet and strong black coffee should they need it.  Smoke has been fairly heavy during the late night and morning, but usually abates by midday.  Two of our three courses are heading to Yellowstone over the next 4 days on their regional field trips, and it’s hoped that the smoke levels will have decreased by their return. I’ve been in daily contact with the National Forest Service and Fire Incident Liaison, and all predictions are that the fire will continue on its current path away from camp.  One reassuring fact is that the Granite Creek Bull Fire that we experienced several years ago will provide a protective buffer between us and the current fire should it change direction. The Bull fire area has not regrown and would starve the Cliff Creek Fire of fuel.

7/19/2016 11:35 ET

Effect on Camp Davis.

Given the location of the fire and the prevailing winds, Camp Davis is not presently threatened and that situation is likely to continue. The primary concern at Camp is air quality. This is being addressed by advancing the field trip schedule. The two EARTH 440 classes are embarking tomorrow on 4- to 5-day field trips. If air quality continues to be an issue, EARTH 450 (arrived in Camp yesterday) will also modify its field trip schedule. We anticipate this will allow enough time for the fire to be contained and air quality to improve. 

Situation Report

From the National Interagency Coordination Center, Tuesday, July 19, 2016 – 0730 ET 

Description: Cliff Creek, Bridger-Teton NF. Fifteen miles east of Hoback, WY. Timber. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs. Residences threatened. Road and area closures in effect. 

  • Extent: 4500 acres.
  • On scene: 138 Personnel engaged in fighting the fire, with 4 helicopters and 7 engines.
  • 1 structure (a barn) has been destroyed.

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