The Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School In Nigeria and Ghana (COESSING), a summer program led by Brian Arbic, is set to receive $125,000 annually from Schmidt Sciences as part of the Ocean Margins Initiative (OMI). Previously, COESSING had been funded primarily by programs at the University of Michigan, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Naval Research. The funding will be used between 2025-2028 and split between U-M and the University of Ghana.

Founded by Brian and Joseph Ansong, a former postdoctoral researcher in Brian’s lab and current University of Ghana faculty, COESSING connects international oceanographers for one week every summer, either in Nigeria or Ghana. The program emphasizes the ocean's role in climate science and fosters collaborations to tackle global issues.

OMI concentrates its research efforts on the Gulf of Guinea - an area previously neglected in oceanic studies. An important goal of the project is to develop collaborations between oceanographers from across the world. As part of OMI, COESSING will further integrate global efforts in marine science. This boost ensures COESSING remains a hub for scientific exchange, addressing key questions in oceanography and climate worldwide.

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