Alumna Laura Bilenker (Ph.D., 2015, Adam Simon) is currently a visiting assistant professor at Bucknell University for the Fall Semester. She is teaching 2 courses of Physical and Environmental Geology and preparing to move to the University of British Columbia in January. At Bucknell, Laura does all the teaching, meaning she has no GSI support, and is finding the experience very rewarding. The curriculum is field intensive and the majority of the labs for both classes are outside in the field. At UBC, Laura will use stable metal isotope geochemistry to study layered mafic intrusions as a MAGNET (Multidisciplinary Geochemistry Network) post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Dominique Weis and Dr. James Scoates. This research is directly related to the dissertation research that she completed in the department from 2012-2015, where Laura investigated the use of stable iron and oxygen isotopes to fingerprint fluid sources in the Bushveld layered mafic intrusion and Chilean iron oxide - apatite ore deposits.