Four scientific sessions at the 2015 Baltimore GSA meeting celebrated the research and careers of Ben van der Pluijm and Rob Van der Voo (  “Perspectives on Orogenic Evolution, Dating Brittle Faults and Mylonitic Shear Zones, Bending Mountains, and Assembling Supercontinents: A Session to Honor the Career of Ben Van Der Pluijm” and “Rotations, Oroclinal Bending; Variscan-Alleghenian Nondipoles; Diagenetic Enigmatic Remagnetizations; Vignettes of Orogenies and Oceans: A Celebration of Rob Van der Voo's Career” offered more than 40 presentations on a range of topics in Structural Geology and Tectonics.  Michigan alumni Arlo Weil, Eric Tohver, Bernard Housen and Samuel Haines, and John Geissman and Joseph Meert, respectively, were the session conveners.   The activities were capped by a lively social for presenters at a nearby establishment where any remaining controversies were resolved.