Click here to see our first electronic newsletter which was emailed to alumni and friends on August 28. If you would like to receive future eNews issues, please send a request to

No, we are not abandoning our annual newsletter, which we will still publish and distribute by regular mail. Rather, our goal with this E-Newsletter format is to update you quarterly on activities that just cannot wait until the annual newsletter. We are thriving in a culture of research, service and teaching that continue non-stop even throughout the summer. And so, with this first edition, we welcome each of you to share in our activities and accomplishments. In addition to describing what we are doing, we want to use the E-Newsletter to highlight what you, our alumni, are doing. So please feel free to submit something if you want to connect with us and your fellow alumni. Our academic family is spread across six continents and we hope that these more regular updates allow you to feel closer to home.

Sincerely,  Adam Simon and Kacey Lohmann