From 1929 to 1964, the College of Engineering created an annual report on the activities of Camp Davis. In the early years these were distributed as hard-bound books with original photographic prints tipped in. A set of these volumes can be found at the Bentley Historical Library. As part of the 2019 Camp Davis 90th Reunion event, the Department attempted to recreate as many of the photographs as possible. For a number of the images it was possible to get within a few meters of the original location. Views inside Grand Teton National Park have changed the least. Comparing images, though, does show a general increase in forestation over the last 90 years.

Other photographs proved impossible to match. Most often this was because of changes to the forest cover. For instance the iconic image of Camp under construction taken from the ridge to the south can not be matched because trees now block the view. In other cases stream beds have shifted or changes in property ownership have closed access.

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