The data entry fields on the M-Pathways Timesheet are grayed-out for employees when, in mid-pay period, they become newly active (e.g. new hire) or have an appointment change that results in a change to their Time and Labor Workgroup. Please follow the steps detailed below when this occurs.

Note: This will impact some student employees in the biweekly pay period that begins September 4, 2011, because their Workgroup will change from Temporary to Workstudy effective Tuesday, September 6.

Workaround Steps on the Timesheet Page:

  1. Select Week in the View By field.
  2. Type the date the employee became active or had a Workstudy change in the Date field.
  3. Click the Refresh button.
  4. Enter hours in the open date fields and select the appropriate Time Reporting Code(s).
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. If necessary, click Next Week>> and complete the time entry and submittal steps for the remainder of the pay period.