Computer and Technology Help

LSA Technology Services is a team of over 150 committed professionals who provide support to all LSA faculty, staff and students in the areas of Information Technology (LSAIT), Instructional Support Services (ISS), Web Services and Management Information Systems (MIS). 

For help and support in any of these areas, including classroom technology, computer, printing, and software support, call 734.615.0100 (5.0100 on campus) or email to get the help you need. 

If you prefer, a new online request form can be used anytime to initiate a support ticket.


List of Self-Guided Technology Resources:


How to request Technology Services support?

Using the North University Building Shared Printers

Driver installation for Mac, PC, and Linux machines.


Create a Lab, Faculty, or Research Website

WordPress is a popular and dynamic open-source software platform widely used in higher education for web content management systems and blogs. LSAIT has installed WordPress Multisite in the U-M network so it is protected and secure.

Please visit the Getting Started page to learn more about the site request process and working with Web Services on your site.  Sites can be requested by completing the Needs Analysis form.